The beginning of a beautiful “DIY”

All of a sudden it feels like fall in DC. Yesterday I decided to do a little bargain hunting. My trip led me to Burlington Coat Factory where I browsed the coats hoping to score a good deal on a trench. No trenches were found but I did find a coat with a lot of potential. Meet the new girl.

While this coat may look shapeless on the hanger, it is a really cute shape which magically fits me perfectly despite not being “my size.” She needs a good cleaning and a little love. She’s missing her middle button. It’s sort of the equivalent of a kid with a missing front tooth. The rest is still cute but its sort of funny looking. While I see the value here (all it needs is some new buttons) Burlington decided they didn’t need this one around so it was on super sale.

That’s right. Was $80 but now $25. I got curious. Just how much was I saving by putting my own buttons on?

Originally $480! I saved $455. Now the quest for the perfect buttons begin. I think I will stick with the black but we’ll see. Even if I get beautiful expensive buttons (they do exist) I will still be getting quite a deal on this one. I’ll make sure to show the progress as this coat gets transformed from cast off to headliner. Today’s lessons: always try it on if you like it, and look for the hidden gems. You might get a fantastic deal that only needs a little investment!

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