What the?! Wednesday

Welcome to a new feature I like to call “What the?! Wednesday,” where I show you something that made me stop and stare this week. This piece can be fashion, design, an article by someone.. really anything that made me stop and say “what the?!”

This week I figured I would kick things off with the newest infomercial I saw last night. The “Forever Lazy.” That’s right. The actual product is called the “Forever Lazy.” I would love to know who came up with that gem. Well what is the Forever Lazy you ask? It is adult footie pajamas. Without the footie. This is where they lost me. I love footie pajamas. I even bought a pair as a gift for my brother a few years ago. But how can you possibly sell adult footie pajamas without the footie?! THATS THE BEST PART!

The worst part of this product? It comes with socks! I get it that your company name is Forever Lazy but COME ON, sew on the damn socks and give me my footie portion.

Don't be fooled by my pink socks, they're not footies

So if a blanket won’t cut it for you and you don’t mind that your socks aren’t attached to your adult sized pjs then head on over to the Forever Lazy site and order one. Or embrace the spirit of the name and skip out on this round. You’re too lazy to order anyway…

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