Must Try: Mandu

So I’m still new to the DC area and I’m enjoying exploring new parts slowly. Some might say very slowly. To those people I say “Give me some time! I’m poor!”. Since the Mr. was in town this weekend, we ventured over to a great little place in Dupont called Mandu. It looks like this:

Photo by Philip J. George on

I ordered the veggie noodle bowl. It was AMAZING. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do order veggie dishes quite often. Many times I’ve been totally disappointed when my veggie dish arrives and the broth is completely flavorless while someone at the table ordered beef or chicken and were given a bowl of simmering delicious. Not the case at Mandu. The portion was huge and it was so good I simply could not stop eating. If I lived closer, and had a job, I would eat here every week. All of the food smelled and looked delicious. I only wish I had a picture to show you of my food. Trust me on this one. Mandu is a must try.

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