Spotted: Bed Bath and Beyond wall o product


What is this? Well it is today’s great discovery. While I usually head to Target for my travel size products I might have a new game plan. Meet the BB&B wall o product. I discovered it when I was getting my new heated blanket and staring at ice cream makers wondering whether to purchase. Tons of sample sizes, and better yet tons of brands. Sometimes the Targets and Walgreens of the world only have one brand of shampoo (usually pantene). Well this wall solves the dilemma and let’s you choose what YOU want. Here’s another shot just to convey the size:



Like I said. Whole wall

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  1. I went to the BB&B here in LA recently and was shocked at all of the cosmetic/toiletry (sp?) stuff they had! I had no idea they carried so much. The one back home definitey didn’t have it!