Kate Spade Women for Women

It’s no secret that I love Kate Spade. I have a little collection going, with my adorable iPhone case as the most visible on a daily basis (available here). Lately though Kate is like the annoying ex who just won’t go away. I can’t be shopping right now, at least not for anything on her level. Yet whenever I distance myself she sends me these little emails enticing me back. Begging me to pay attention to her. I usually ignore them but recently opened one promising this season’s gift guide. Glad that I did.

Kate Spade has partnered with Women for Women for a beautiful line of accessories. For those who don’t know, Women for Women works with native women in war torn countries helping them to rebuild their own lives. The women are provided with direct aid, job training, and lessons on how to start a small business. Graduates of the program partner with companies like Kate Spade to produce goods for sale. Here are my favorites from this year’s collection:

Hand in Hand Cashmere Scarf
Hand in Hand Rose Gold Bangle

If you’re going to get something beautifully made with Kate Spade on the label for yourself or as a gift this season, these seem like great choices. Elegant pieces and a great cause benefitting from your purchase? Win-Win.

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