Escape to somewhere warm…

This week has been somewhat brutal weather wise in the northeast. I woke up one day to a temperature of 18. That’s right… 1-8. At that point I just had to laugh. It’s really the only thing you can do. I was volunteering that day so I had to leave the house, but let’s just say I would have preferred to hang out with some Sex & The City DVDs and my trusty heated blanket.

In honor of this ridiculousness, I suggest a virtual vacation to Bali.

Photo of Bali from

I can think of nothing better than slipping away to somewhere warm. Toasting slightly in the sun. Wearing flips flops and sarongs. Drinking delicious fresh drinks. Heaven on Earth…

Since we don’t have unlimited funds (or any funds really) at the C&C household, imagination will have to do for now. I hope you all have a great weekend full of crafting and culinary adventures! I’m hoping to be productive and not spend the entirety of my time imagining a beach vacation that exists only in my mind 🙂

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