Finally Tried the Green Monster

Those of you who peruse Pinterest on occasion have probably seen what is referred to as “the Green Monster.” It is a super smoothie, with all sorts of healthy things. I figured with a base ingredient of spinach, it probably tasted pretty awful. It’s not that I dislike spinach, I just can’t imagine drinking spinach would taste too great. This week, I gave it a go.

I used this recipe from Oh She Glows. I also added in a few blackberries that I had, used Lactose Free milk as my milk of choice, and used peanut butter (creamy) as my nut butter.

Loaded up and ready to go
Ready to drink

With the inclusion of the blackberries, my Green Monster was a little less bright than the neon looking cups I’ve seen all over the web. But the taste? Pretty good.

I would probably load up my blender differently next time (apparently my blender is sort of awful and didn’t really do that great of a job of sucking down the spinach, resulting in a lot of stirring). The taste though was surprisingly good. Does this taste like a milkshake? No, but it doesn’t really taste like health food either. I think the most powerful taste I got consistently was the peanut butter (Yum!). What a great addition to my usual eats. I am seriously considering putting this in as a regular breakfast option. I would imagine a day started out with this much spinach would be a winner.

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