Review: Jason Wu for Target

Well, I did it. I finally went to a crazy fashion event that required waiting in line. I had considered going to the Alexandria Boutique Warehouse sale on Saturday, but to be honest my bed was simply too comfortable to leave. As a result, I was more determined than ever to check out Jason Wu for Target Sunday morning.

I first spied this purse in the pre-release press pictures for the line:

Jason Wu for Target Flap Satchel

I knew I had to have it. I actually saved a giftcard to Target from Christmas just to purchase this purse. I arrived 10 minutes before the doors opened and took my place in line. Luckily, I was able to snag the last purse in the store. I love it. The size is substantial and the straps are long enough to put comfortably over your shoulder. Love.

What else did I get? Well I picked up a few work worthy items (for the new job that starts today!) and a few surprises which I didn’t think I would like but surprisingly did after trying them on:

Blouse with Tie in Blush

Blouse with Tie in Navy

and the biggest surprise:

Pleated Shift Dress in Blush Stripes

I never thought I would like the dress but it actually comes to my knees, has a belt, and looks pretty cute with a blazer over it. The Tie Blouses are made of a nice silky material and are thick enough to not require a cami underneath (I HATE work clothes that require another layer under… actually that applies to all clothes. Why should I have to buy another shirt just to wear the one I like?) The scarves were all made of a pretty silky material as well. Some of the pieces were somewhat large but others seemed to run small so if you do order one of the pieces that’s left online, I recommend ordering multiple sizes. I can’t say anything about the other bags because they were all gone by the time I arrived, but as I said, this one is pretty fab and has a great structure to it. Overall, I’m pretty happy I finally stood in line and attended one of these. In my opinion, this one was worth it!

Did you venture out and brave the lines? Are you picking anything up online?

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