Shredded Chicken with KitchenAid Mixer

Anyone who is on Pinterest has probably seen the posts claiming that you can shred chicken with your KitchenAid mixer. I didn’t believe this for a second so I decided to try it myself. Well, it works.

The finished product:

I tried to take a video so that you could all see that it works. Unfortunately I’m a moron and didn’t hit the right button so I’ll have to show you next time. But I will say this, the chicken is delicious. I baked it in the oven and then shredded it by using the mixer attachment on speed 2 for about 2 minutes.

I wanted to include in a Mexican Style Chicken and Corn Soup compliments of the “New Complete Cookbook” from Weight Watchers that my mom got me. I love me some WW recipes b/c they’re always delicious, healthy, and usually pretty easy. This was no exception.

Red Bell Pepper, Onion, and Garlic in EVOO

Plus roasted tomatoes, chiles, chicken broth, chili powder and corn

Plus the shredded chicken

Plus cilantro and avocado. Delicious!

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