Product Review: Drugstore Dry Shampoos

The transition to 9-5 led me to packing on a couple of pounds. Nothing drastic, but enough that I wasn’t thrilled with the trend. I also have been trying to work towards my savings goals, which means bringing my lunch and never fully taking my lunch break (because honestly, who can eat lunch in their office and really stop checking emails?).

I’ve recently started working out in the office gym during my lunch time where luckily I have a locker room with a shower to use. I’m not one to wash my hair twice a day everyday so I looked into dry shampoo to avoid lathering up during the afternoon showers. I decided to try two different drugstore versions and see which prevailed.

First I tried Suave:

This works pretty well. It soaked up the oil quickly. It also has quite a few downsides. There is a chemical smell to this one. It sticks with you through the rest of the day regardless of how well you brush it out. The biggest downside? It stopped spraying with about half of the product left inside! You can still hear it in there when you shake the can and yet nothing comes out.

The much better choice?

This stuff is SO much better! The smell is about 1000x better and it brushes out really well. I did a 45 minute run and managed to after some work with this stuff I was able to wear my hair down for the rest of the day. You couldn’t even tell that I had worked out! I am a BIG fan and will continue to use this product. At only about $4 a bottle (if you don’t have a coupon) it’s a pretty great buy!

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