Pinterest Fab or Fail: The Fruit Fly Solution

If you spend enough time on Pinterest then you’ve no doubt seen the claims that vinegar and dish soap will attract and kill fruit flies in a matter of minutes. This week I got to test that theory out.

The weather was beautiful and so I had a fantastic trip to the farmer’s market where I brought home this wonderful haul:


A bunch of berries combined with open windows all weekend (did I mention the weather was great?) and there were a few fruit flies buzzing around. I decided I would give the recipe that I’d seen so many times on Pinterest a try.

Here’s the details:

Place apple cider vinegar in a container (I used a bowl) then add some dish soap (like dawn or palmolive).

The claim? The smell of the vinegar entices the flies and the soap somehow kills them by sucking them into the liquid. I was skeptical.

The Verdict:

4 dead fruit flies within 15 minutes!!! A little while later I had gotten all 6 that had been buzzing around. This one is a Pinterest FAB.

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  1. I had left a watermelon in a box next the trash can for a week and forgot about it..the kitchen ended up have hundreds of fruit flies when I finally moved the box. It took less than 12 hours and 3 small containers of this mixture to get almost all of them (maybe 10 still flying around) I tell everyone about it!

    1. I’ve only ever tried it with apple cider. I think it is the sweetness of the apple cider that attracts the flies, but you could certainly try it in a pinch. Maybe throw some sugar in the regular vinegar to sweeten the smell?

  2. It does work. I use this method all the time. Does not get rid of all of them.
    I change the solution every couple of days. Better to get rid of some, than none.