DIY: Making a coffee table

I should start by mentioning a few things:

1. This project is not done

2. I am cheap

3. I dislike cheap looking furniture.

That brings us to this project. I couldn’t find any coffee tables that I liked for less than $100. There was always just something that I wasn’t a fan of. So, I decided we would go without for a while until I found something totally random: a spare kitchen table leaf at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. It is the perfect size, it’s make of wood, and it only cost me $5. With a little love I figured I could turn it into something great. Here’s how its going so far:

This is the underside of the table. Where you see little holes, I had removed some hardware from the bottom. Simple reverse function on your drill and you’re ready to go.

Black pen marks show where each hole for the bracket will go (5 per bracket with the center mark to note the spot of the leg center)

The we drill a little, CAREFULLY making sure not to go through the other side of the wood.

The leg screws right in, and we repeat the process:

Until you have 4. Perfectly evenly spaced.

And now we have a coffee table. I’m going to paint it all a uniform color, but wanted a few days to enjoy just having a coffee table. We have yet to purchase a kitchen table since I was out of town but at least now we have this one to enjoy. I’ll make sure to chronicle my painting adventures and show you the results of this $30(?) wood coffee table (with pictures taken on my just unpacked proper camera… finally)

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