Cherry Blossom Festival 2013

So the peak of the cherry blossom bloom is always a big happening in DC. When the peak bloom happens it is absolutely beautiful. It also means the weather is nice and there are fun times to be had lounging around outside along side some of DCs most beautiful monuments. This year the peak kept getting moved, until they finally predicted this weekend.

Well, they were still wrong. The peak will probably be today or tomorrow, but there was a little bit of action on Sunday when we headed down with some of our closest friends to enjoy some cherry treats (more on those later) and check out the current status of the bloom. As of Sunday morning, here is what we had:



It was pretty packed at the memorial all day. This was around 11am. It only got worse as the day went on.


Getting ready to bloom!DSC_0548





DSC_0556No event in DC is complete without a random helicopter flying overhead…


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