Cherry Blossom Festival Cookies

One of the best parts of DC in the spring is that all the local restaurants add cherry blossom festival items to their menus. I’m currently trying to stick to a pretty strict budget (to pay off my bar study loan this year and to prepare for an onslaught of weddings and wedding related events later this year), so I haven’t been able to really get any of the specials. That doesn’t mean I wanted to miss out, so despite the late bloom I made a batch of cherry and dark chocolate cookies for my friends to celebrate at the festival.

I used this recipe as a base, and then added in dried cherries and a dark chocolate bar that I chopped up into large chunks. They were quite a hit:


Don’t they just look delicious? The cherry added a nice tart touch while the dark chocolate was rich and filling without being overly sweet. They were a big hit.DSC_0539


The cherry blossoms finally decided to make an appearance yesterday, and it was totally worth the wait:










So beautiful.

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