Feel so loved.

So in honor of my birthday, I received a few AMAZING gifts within the last few days. The types of gifts that are so super tailored directly to me and so thoughtful that it makes me feel so lucky to have such great people in my life. A couple highlights:



BIRCHBOX!!! I was so incredibly excited when I got an email letting me know that a 3 month subscription to birchbox was coming my way courtesy of a lovely birthday gift from my best friend. I have been eyeing birchbox for a while now. The idea behind it is brilliant in my opinion: mini versions and samples of great beauty products to try before you buy. Something new delivered to you every month. So much fun and I am SO excited to get these and review some fun new products.

jawbone mint


Here is the grand-daddy of awesome presents for me this year. The Mr. got me an “Up” by Jawbone. Now you may be looking at this thinking “well that’s a weird name for a unique looking bracelet. That’s a bracelet right?” Yes and No.

The Up by Jawbone is actually a fitness tracker that looks like a bracelet. It tracks your steps taken, allows you to track food and other non walking activity through an app on your iPhone and also tracks your SLEEP PATTERNS and can vibrate to wake you at the peak time during your sleep patterns! This thing is seriously amazing and it plugs directly into your iPhone (including older generations like my current phone) allowing for easy updates with a much longer battery life than if we went with a bluetooth version. The Mr. didn’t want to pick out the color for me (there are a bunch of different options) so this is on its way to me. I can’t wait to give it a try and have it nudge me towards being more active (literally… it shakes to let you know when you’re being lazy so you can get up and move around).

Both of these amazingly thoughtful gifts are pretty great first steps in terms of helping me get up, try new things, and embrace a fully active life this year!

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