The Hunt: Beautiful Professional Flats

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 11.46.14 PM


Since DC tends to be unbelievably hot in the summer, I usually wear a lot of dresses and skirts to keep myself from overheating on the public transit. In spite of that, I still like to rock flats at work some days. I know my legs look better in heels but 1. I’m lazy 2. flats are more comfortable and 3. no one should be looking at my legs anyway. I’m sitting at my desk anyway…

So my hunt for a collection of flats continues. I’ve added a few here and there but every once in a while a cute new pair grab my attention. These Calvin Klein Caelas are currently the stuff of my day dreams. I’m not sure how comfortable they’d be since I’ve never purchased CK shoes, but I may have to give them a shot. These are just too uniquely adorable not to give them a shot.

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