The easiest of eyeliners

For my birthday this year I received a subscription to Birchbox. In my last box I received what at first glance appeared to be just another eyeliner. Oh was I wrong. This is the easiest eyeliner I’ve ever used. Meet Eyeko:

ImageThe Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner has a fine marker like tip that allows you to literally draw the liner right on. It stays in place and has a sharp clean look. Sephora has it in a few different colors (including a pretty purple color). I’m not sure how long they last, and at $16 they’re a little steep for my taste since I usually get Covergirl liners for about $3. But, for anyone who doesn’t have a ton of experience with eyeliner, or wants something that will stay in place all day I can’t recommend this stuff enough.

So thanks goes out to Birchbox for introducing me to a really great product. That purple just may have to find it’s way to my house in the near future…

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