Cleaning out the medicine cabinet

So I have gone on a quest recently to save money. It’s easy to have that goal when you have no money to spend. Luckily for me, I have a whole bathroom stocked full of stuff to use and no need to purchase anything for months. Part of that is because of my couponing. I have a ton of shampoo and conditioner that I’ve purchased either for free or $1. I also have a few products that I bought, used once and then stopped using. Not for any real reason, I probably just found some other shiny thing to distract me. So I’m going back through and visiting my prior purchases to use them up and clean out some clutter.

This week I’ve been thankful to previous me who bought this little gem:

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 12.16.39 AM


Ojon Rare Blend Oil. I bought it from Sephora, and used it a few times to somewhat mixed results. I found that sometimes it wasn’t doing anything to make my hair look different, and other times it was making my hair sort of greasy. I sat down, read some stuff online about the best way to use it and gave it another go. Now? Well now I am in love.

This stuff when applied to my slightly air dried hair, only on the bottom half of my hair, and before my heat protectant spray has made my hair look so healthy and shiny all week. No frizz, no grease. Just shiny hair that looks and feels healthy. I may have to buy a replacement when I finish this, which sort of goes against the whole point of using up all my products to make some space, but oh well. I look awesome.

So the moral of the story is: go through your bathroom stash and try out those old products this weekend (unless they’re expired of course). You never know what amazing product you may find, unless you’re an organized person who only buys what they use immediately. In which case, tell me all your secrets!

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