Erasing 5 years

So I had planned to show you all sorts of fun pictures of our new storage units in our living room and our brand new beautiful coffee table. Then my phone decided that it hated me and I’ve been dealing with technical hell since. Just a tip, if you get a new phone at Target make sure the person activating the phone doesn’t completely screw up your phone plan by canceling your grandfathered in unlimited data and blocking your ability to text. It leads to a lot of strife and heartache until you find out what’s wrong.

Oh and you may lose 5 years of pictures off of your phone. So sad. So now I am on a mission to find a good way to store and treasure my photos. Realizing a whole 5 years of photos are gone is pretty devastating. I’m going to spend some time finding companies that will make me cute photobooks of my sometimes not super high quality but high in sentimental values iphone pictures. I’ll share if I find anything good.

Grand Canyon pictures I’ll miss you the most of all…

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  1. OMG that’s terrible Courtney! I’m so sad to hear this. I would be devastated too. I’ve been trying to be better about backing up my phone and contents to my computer…Did you have photo stream by any chance?

  2. So I have found a few of the pictures on my computer but it appears that none of my photos were syncing into the cloud. I’m still holding out hope for finding them all but we will see.