So yesterday the Mr and I made a big decision. We are going to participate in the 30 day detox. While for some people this involves giving up certain types of food, we decided to do more of a life detox. With my previous complaints of accomplishing nothing that I want to do ever in mind, we are giving up tv for 30 days.

Now you may be the type of person for whom this would not be much of a challenge. For me? Well, this is big. Everyday I wake up and put on the Today show so that I can hear the weather and any public transportation delays while I put together my breakfast and lunch before work. By the time I come home from work, the Mr is on the couch watching Seinfeld and eating a snack before heading to the gym or doing whatever else we are doing that night. We often end up watching tv while eating dinner. We watch tv for date night. On the weekend HGTV and Food Network might as well be the soundtrack to my life. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I have Property Brothers or Pioneer Woman playing in the background.

As much as I love the Property Brothers, things have gotten distracting. So, we’re doing a 30 day detox inspired by Jill Martin’s challenge on the Today Show (more on that here).

My hopes are: more productivity, better and more special date nights with the Mr, getting some book reading done, more sewing, and more enjoyment and exploration of the world around us instead of zoning out.

The loopholes:

  • We are still allowed to put on the weather in the morning. It’s somewhat essential.
  • We are allowed to see the TV at the gym (they are on the cardio machines). We don’t want to give up working out (we’re actually hoping to go to the gym more) and since we are doing one of our active goals at the time, it is an exception.
  • We can also use the tv as a vehicle for occasional date night movie watching. This is really only an exception because we have Gravity DVRed from HBO and wanted to watch it for a date night one night. I don’t anticipate us doing much of this since there are a lot of movies we’d like to see in theaters coming out.

I have high hopes. This morning instead of sitting down and watching the Today show like I normally do, I cleaned the kitchen and put away all the dishes. All of last night’s dirty dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher are already loaded so I can come home to a nice clean apartment. Not bad for hour #1. Let’s see how the rest of this goes…


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