Bruno Mars (aka why I will never go back to Jiffy Lube Live again)

It’s been a week and I am finally ready to post about the Bruno Mars concert at Jiffy Lube Live. I bought tickets for the Mr and I the day after the Super Bowl where Bruno Mars absolutely crushed it as the half time performer. We have been excited about this show for MONTHS, so our actual experience was really surprisingly disappointing.

The good: Bruno Mars, his band, the weather


Seriously, Bruno Mars sounds better in person than on the radio. His voice is so strong, his band is phenomenal and at one point he even jumped on the drums (normally played by his brother) and went nuts. He is such an amazing performer and I can’t really put into words how good he sounds.  If you’re on instagram, you can check out a brief video that I posted on my profile (cmtiu).


There was fire


And dancing IMG_1621

Lots of great special effectsIMG_1617


But the best was just him singing. The crowd was filled with young and old (and the people like us somewhere in the middle of middle schoolers and retirees), couples and groups of girl friends all singing along and dancing the night away. It was a concert that brought together all ages and races which is always a lovely experience. He was so entertaining and I would 100% pay to go see him again.

The opening act was Aloe Blacc. How was he? Well I have no idea because we missed his performance, along with half of Bruno Mars’ performance. Which brings me to the bad:

The bad: The venue screwed up at every opportunity, didn’t have enough staff, directed traffic incorrectly, and cost us half of the concert in the process.

We left our house for the venue (which is 40 minutes away) and hour and a half before the opening act was set to start. We thought that even if we hit traffic we would maybe miss some of the opener. Nope. There is only one entrance to Jiffy Lube Live. You would think that knowing this, they would tell the cops to have an even flow of traffic from the two roads (one highway, one local) so that everyone can get in and get to see the show. Instead, the Jiffy Lube staff and police let everyone in from the local road, followed by 5 or 10 cars from the highway (where the majority of the people were coming). Repeat x a million.

It ended up taking us over 3 hours to get in to the venue and to our seats. 90% of that time was spent sitting on the highway at the exit that leads to the entrance or just outside of the entrance. As we were trying to get in we could hear Bruno Mars playing and had to listen in the distance as our experience that we paid handsomely for just drifted away without us.

We finally got in to the parking lot, only to discover that getting out of the parking lot at night was going to be a huge problem. We noticed that everyone who was “directing traffic” at Jiffy Lube seemed to be too young to even drive a car themselves. At the end of the night, after hearing 6 Bruno Mars songs (which we paid about $32 a pop for) we got to our car and proceeded to wait for over an hour just to try to get out. The “staff” at Jiffy Lube was not actually directing traffic until it had pretty much cleared out.

To say that the Jiffy Lube location ruined the concert for us would be an understatement. Bruno Mars was amazing, I’m sure Aloe Blacc was as well but we will never know. I will buy Bruno Mars tickets again, especially considering I missed most of my favorite songs. That said, I will never give any money to Jiffy Lube Live ever again and will try to talk every person I know out of attending a concert there. Which is disappointing since Jimmy Buffet is a regular there and I love me some Jimmy.

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