Date Night Download: Sex Tape Movie


It’s pretty rare that the Mr and I go to see a movie on opening weekend. Since I am still chugging away at my debt, I’m usually content to wait and see a movie on Netflix or on Demand. He tends to hate crowds, so if we are going to the theater, we usually wait until things have thinned out a little bit. Unfortunately for him, I really wanted to see Sex Tape this weekend starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. So, off to the movies we went.

How was it? Hilarious.

I was kind of worried that this would be one of those movies where all the best parts are in the preview and that is not the case. The movie has an amazing cast and supporting cast and the material itself is really funny. We (and everyone else around us in the sold out showing) were laughing our asses off pretty much the whole time.

The kid actors in this movie are pretty amazing as well. I’m not sure where they found them, but they totally steal some of the scenes which I think says a lot when you look at the main cast.

Finally, while Jason Segel looks great (and his weight loss really stood out in this movie) I cannot believe how good Cameron Diaz looks. I recently read her book and really enjoyed it. Seeing the fruits of that labor really paying off on screen makes me want to go buy a copy and just read it over and over again. They are also totally believable as a couple and I want them to make all their movies together from now on. I don’t think that’s too much to ask…

Have an amazing week everyone and in case you were wondering, yes I did miss the Property Brothers on this first tv free weekend. I hope they’ll take me back at the end of this…

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