Discovering Fabletics


Fabletics is a company that I have been hearing all about for months now. Started by Kate Hudson (who I am assuming works out all the time based on her fantastic body post multi-babies) the company sends you “personalized” picks for workout clothes each month. You can either purchase or skip a month, but supposedly the clothes are all high end quality at a lower more accessible price point for the masses.

Immediately the concept appealed to me because I love to work out, I love workout clothes, and while I can appreciate the look of brands like Lululemon, I’m not interested in supporting their brand as they blame women’s thighs for their shoddy workmanship. I’m all about positivity these days, and a company that shames their clients just doesn’t fit in my life right now (plus who wants to pay $100 for a pair of workout pants?!).

My friend tried Fabletics and loved it, so I decided to take a look. She recommended a pair of pants which ironically were the first thing that I saw and said “oh I want those.”



She told me the quality was high and that they were in fact as cute in person as in the picture, so into my cart they went. I got them and wore them to a barre class last week and to brunch and I LOVED them. They were so comfortable and didn’t slide down at all during the workout (my main workout pant pet peeve).

With this positive experience in mind, I signed up for the regular VIP program. Here is how it works:

You receive an email on the first of the month (today) which tells you that your picks are ready and waiting for you:


Once you click in to your page you see a whole bevy of available outfits that you may like. Some are two pieces, some have three. Some are colorful, some are more neutral. Most pieces have multiple colors available. The outfit pages look like this:

20140801-100607-36367477.jpg  20140801-100607-36367321.jpg

I love that you can see each of the pieces that make an outfit so that you aren’t wondering which of the sports bras they paired the shirt with to get that cute strappy look (I can’t be the only person that always wonders that!).  You can skip a month or pick an outfit of your choice and there is no punishment for skipping. So far I am pretty thrilled with this service.  If you want to check it out I have a referral link here.  Hopefully you will like it as much as I do!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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