Cabinet Clutter

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today we are tackling an embarrassing but necessary post, how I tamed my bathroom clutter…



I know what you’re thinking, and yes, that is rather disgusting and out of control. When I was reguarly couponing I would pick up bottles of shampoo and conditioner for anywhere from free to $2. I would stock up and put them all under the sink in the bathroom, which as you can see is pretty small. I also keep my hair styling tools, medicine, and the rest of the necessities in there like toothpaste, body wash, lotions, etc.

Some people can deal well with clutter and  I am not one of them. I allow clutter to happen, but then it slowly drives me insane. So when I was at Bossed Up Bootcamp, I spent some time thinking about what is truly holding me back in my life. One of the answers surprised me: all of the clutter around my house. It puts my head in a jumbled space. Even though I could close the door:DSC_0875

I always knew what was inside. It was slowly driving me insane. As a quick refresh, here is how awful it was:

Just awful (and embarrassing!)
Just awful (and embarrassing!)

Bottles everywhere. Samples and travel sizes in bags all over the place for “easy” access when I travel for work.

A closer look at chaos
A closer look at chaos

So, first things first, I went to the container store and picked up some containers (who would have thought) after measuring from the edge of the cabinet interior to the pipe in the middle. I decided on these:






Technically it is shoe boxes, but no one ever said you have to use things for their intended purpose.  So I picked up four of the larger men’s shoe boxes, two of the women’s shoe boxes and two of the “accessories” boxes for actual easy access to things that I use often. Then came the hard part:


Emptying out all of the junk. You can see our retro vacuum in this picture. I figured I might as well actually clean out the space while I was at it.


I call this one “Surrounded by nonsense.” Once everything was out, I started sorting things in to bins and it all came together quickly. It was so quick that I actually wondered why I never got around to doing this before.


Everything had a place. Things that I accessed more regularly (my hair removal system, lady supplies, chargers for my toothbrush and hair straightener) all went in accessory boxes in the front for easy removal.


I couldn’t help feeling like it needed to be a little more clear what was in each box, but I didn’t want to write directly on them in case we move and these get repurposed due to space limits. So with the help of a sharpie and some sticky notes I put in the finishing touches:


Now that everything is labelled, I have easy access to all of my supplies. I won’t accidentally buy something because I forgot that I already had one, and my mind feels clearer just knowing that everything is sorted. It’s amazing what some organization will do for you!

I think my kitchen cabinets will be next!

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