Oval Room

The Oval Room is a well known restaurant in DC. Located near the White House, the Oval Room has a very DC feel to it with perfect service and enough space between the tables to conduct some secret House of Cards style business.

My coworkers and I had lunch there yesterday for restaurant week, so let’s jump right into the delicious:


Buffalo mozzarella with a vegetable salad and spicy vinagrette. Light, fresh, and a fantastic way to start a lunch.


For my main I chose the rockfish. The dish was delicious, but I could have done with more of the vegetables underneath. I’m a total veggie lover, so I’m always a fan of more.


For dessert I went with chocolate brownie with salted caramel ice cream. This dessert was good, but didn’t hold a candle to the dessert at Westend Bistro. The brownie was a little dense for my taste but my coworkers seemed to really enjoy it.

The lunch was definitely worth going to and I enjoyed everything I ate. It’s just hard to be floored when I just recently had such a fantastic meal.

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