La Chaumiere

To cap off restaurant week, the Mr and I went down to Georgetown to visit what I was told is a classic Georgetown restaurant: La Chaumiere.

The place is totally unassuming outside, located next to a cheap looking Mexican place (that we considered going to for drinks first since we arrived early). Once we stepped inside we saw that the interior was lovely if tiny. With exposed beam work and copper kettles on the wall, this truly felt different than the places that we normally eat.

We were seated at a quaint little two top that unfortunately was on top of another table. If I had a main complaint about this place it would be that. Remove a table or two and spare me listening to the world’s most ridiculous conversation from one table over.

We got the restaurant week menu and both enjoyed the food but I only got pictures of my own (and missed a course at that). I started with the mussels in garlic butter. No picture but suffice to say that there was enought garlic and parsley in the butter that it just would have looked like a green blob on the plate.

For my entree I had the Cornish game hen:


Apparently the Mr put his sunglasses on the table. I was too distracted by my food to notice. The hen was good, but the potatoes were really the best thing on the plate.

Now on to dessert:


Profiteroles. Pretty classic. Very delicious. The chocolate was just the right level of bitter to balance out the dessert. Since the hen portion was so small, I was able to finish this with no problem.

I thought the service was adequate, but I did notice others seemed to be getting better service than our table. I’m not sure if it was our age or the fact that we were ordering off of the restaurant week menu, but I didn’t feel like our waiter wanted to spend much time on us. Shame really, because I’m always looking for a nice place to take our parents and families when they come to visit and I had high hopes for this place.

I would consider going back but based on the treatment of our waiter and the small portions, I don’t know if I would go back outside of restaurant week. That said, it made a nice cap to the weekend and we spend some time walking around Georgetown which is always nice.

Happy Monday everyone! I’m off to eat kale and air for a few after all of last wee’s adventures….

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