Pick Your Own Adventure

This weekend the Mr. and I, along with a friend, decided to take another turn at pick your own in Northern Virginia. A few years ago we went to Stribling Orchard to pick our own apples. While we enjoyed our time there, we wanted to see what else was out there. After some rather informal Googling, we decided to try Hollin Farms.

Located in Fauquier County, Hollin Farms didn’t take too long to travel to from the DC area. When we pull dup we saw that we would need to drive straight up a narrow windy road to make it to the orchard. I would have taken pictures but I was driving. Suffice to say that my little car had a somewhat difficult time making it all the way up and we had to deal with some inconsiderate drivers who decided to go straight down the center of a narrow road, but my little car is a champ and we arrived right around 2pm. Someone was there to direct us to a parking spot which was a very nice touch.

The views when we got to the top made all the dangerous driving worth it:



We wandered around picking different types of apples including cameos and galas (two of my favorites).



We chose a good time to go since we still had plenty of apples to choose from!





We even saw a few lovelies hanging out eating some of the over ripe apples:


One of the really nice things about Hollin is that they also have pick your own veggies and sunflowers! We didn’t pick our own veggies this time (it was in the mid 80s randomly so we were sweating and ready for some a/c) but it was still pretty to look at.



The sunflowers were beautiful which surprised me. I always pictured sunflowers as a spring and summer flower but you learn something new everyday!







All in all it was a lovely day and I think we have a new favorite place to Apple pick.

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