Savannah Part 2

Despite always wanting to visit Savannah, I wasn’t able to send enough good juju to make the weather pleasant for our trip. I wasn’t about to let some rain bring me down, so on our first full day in Savannah, the Mr. and I took off for a long walk with breakfast as our reward for braving the rain.

We walked and walked until we found ourselves at Clary’s, a well known local eatery that featured heavily in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (which we may have watched in the hotel on one of the rainy nights of our vacation…)

When you walk in you immediately see a beautiful stained glass in the dining room featuring the infamous Bird Girl statue. The statue appears on the cover of the book and on the movie poster.


The statue became so famous that it had to be moved from a family burial plot in a local cemetery out of concerns for the amount of traffic it was bringing in.

We had the best breakfast of our entire trip at Clary’s.


I recommend the Eggs Benedict. They are spectacular. The entire menu was priced well and some of the options sounded downright decadent (stuffed french toast for example). If you go to Savannah, you simply must make a visit.

After we gorged ourselves on breakfast, we set about to walking off some of the fullness. It appeared that everywhere we looked there was something adorableĀ to catch our eye.

IMG_2621Who wouldn’t love to have an alley like that on their property?

IMG_2610The streets are beautiful with spanish moss hanging everywhere. Even in the rain it was beautiful.

There were Christmas decorations in the city’s many squares…

and on many of the homes…


We walked for what felt like hours and took in much of the beauty of the city. Tomorrow I will share with you our favorite squares…

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