Wandering Heart: Spending the Holidays in Savannah

This post was supposed to appear on Monday morning! Not sure why it didn’t, but this should clarify why yesterday was Savannah part 2!

Everyone has a place that they think about visiting on a yearly basis. When the topic of a long weekend comes up? You suggest the dream location. When yet another friend is having a bachelorette or wedding? You secretly hope for the dream location. At some point you forget what first made you want to visit, you just know that you need to.

My dream location has always been Savannah, Georgia. Growing up in Florida, I lived close enough that I could have visited whenever I wanted. That of course didn’t mean that I did. I waited until I moved far enough away that a flight was needed. The Mr. and I were looking to find a location to do a combined holiday season with both of our families, and I of course suggested Savannah. Unlike every other time that I have suggested it, this time it stuck. The Mr. and I spent an entire week there, while our families joined for  just a couple of days. When we arrived, we were immediately surrounded by Christmas cheer. The entire hotel was decked out with Christmas decorations.

We stayed at the Westin. When rendered in gingerbread, the hotel looks a little like this:



The entire lobby was filled with gingerbread houses from a yearly competition. Strolling through the lobby was enough to put us in the perfect Christmas mindset.

A row of Gingerbread Houses
A look down the display

I would categorize the display into two categories: traditional and inventive.

Traditional (buildings/homes):

First Place House
              The Blue Ribbon Winner



Savannah Bridge
                                              Savannah Bridge


Eiffel TowerPigs and Cow


IMG_2575  There were lots of light houses and ships since Savannah is at its essence a town on a river.IMG_2569IMG_2574

Let’s be honest though. There was on clear winner in my book:


Making a full football stadium with all of the SEC school logos must have taken forever. I may be biased, but I think this one clearly deserved an award or 8.

Check back tomorrow for more on our week in Savannah!

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