Savannah Sunshine

We were lucky enough to get good weather on one day in Savannah. It was almost enough to make up for the constant rain and fog on the other days (almost…). We took advantage and saw more of the sights.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist:IMG_3538



It is amazing how much difference some sunshine can make when looking at the fountains in the public squares. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day wandering around in a town filled with locations like this?




We also made sure to stop by a Savannah legend: Leopold’s Ice Cream. We had heard that this was THE place to visit. The small ice cream shop invented Tutti Frutti ice cream and had a pretty long line when we arrived:


We checked out the wall of signed head shots from celebrities that have either visited or worked with them (apparently Leopold’s has quite the Hollywood ties):


You can sit at a table or take your ice cream for a walk. There’s a lovely small old timey feeling to the place.

IMG_3475I went with Butter Pecan Ice Cream because why wouldn’t you get pecan ice-cream when in Georgia?!


While one of my favorite eats in Savannah, Leopold’s did not take the crown of my all over favorite. That award goes to the Gryphon Tea Room. Owned by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Gryphon has a host of amazing tea, delicious food, and unique decor. All of the servers are students at SCAD so you are also supporting the arts community through dining there.

It is housed in a former pharmacy where they left all of the original wood work and stained glass (including Tiffany glass lights). Check out the beautiful installation in the middle of the dining room:


Suffice to say, this was not a CVS type of pharmacy. If you’re in Savannah you have to stop by.

We also found the most amazing furniture store.


24E Design Co, housed in a two story building in the main shopping area of town, is perhaps the most unique design company I’ve ever seen. Some of our favorite pieces were from them taking parts of boats and airplanes to make unique and beautiful furniture. There were more things that I wanted to purchase than I could count. The Mr was particularly taken by this table:



When we have a larger house to furnish, I think we will see what we can get from 24e. We pretty much wanted everything they were selling.

I had the most amazing time in Savannah, even with the absolutely awful weather for the majority of the trip. We already have plans to return and hit up some of the attractions that we didn’t get to see. The outdoor spaces are beautiful, the art scene is thriving, and the food is amazing. You can’t really ask for anything more than that.

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