Change for the better

change I found myself half way through last week thinking about the things that I wanted to accomplish and ways that I wanted to feel. I sometimes allow my brain to want too many things at once, which ends up leaving me frazzled and scattered instead of focused and determined. Then when I inevitably sit down on Friday night, too exhausted to actually do anything fun with the Mr, I am disappointed that I didn’t accomplish more. We all need to recognize that we place somewhat ridiculous goals on our to do list. Society tells us that we need to be stronger, prettier, more accomplished. If we aren’t keeping a perfect house while maintaining a size 0 and being relaxed enough to go out and have a good time at a mere mention of fun then we are failures. It’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve decided that I am going to simply do better for myself. I started instituting some changes this weekend and plan to bring more into my life as 2015 continues. It’s not solving the big problems of our day, but it is getting me closer to solving the problems in my days. Here is my sanity plan:

  • More sleep!
    • The problem: I never go to bed early enough to feel rested in the morning. I used to be able to thrive on a handful of hours of sleep. I apparently am no longer that person.
    • The solution: I am giving myself a bed time. It may sound strange to have a bed time as an adult, but I think knowing that I can just stay up until whenever each night really pushes me to be lazy about getting the things done that I need to. Why do the dishes as dinner is cooking when I can just do it after? That sort of thing. So from now on, I am a strict 10pm bed timer (I do morning workout classes a few times a week which decided this time for me). I’ve set up an automatic do not disturb setting on my phone for 10pm each night to make sure I can get some zzzs.
    • If you need more reason to get more sleep, check out this quick slideshow from Glamour magazine laying out some of the benefits.
  • Wanting to start my own business
    • The problem: I have an idea for a business, but I work full time and can’t take the time to quit my job and work on my new idea full time. Also I need money to pay rent and things, so this has to be a side effort for now.
    • The solution: mapping out what I want to accomplish for the week in my planner and enforcing a rule that I must work on the business before I can watch any tv at night with the Mr. The only acception to this if if there is a snow storm and we are watching the news. A girl can’t freeze!
    • I know that I want to make this business happen, and the only way to do that is to put it first!
  • I need to save more money and grow my emergency fund
    • The problem: Since I’ve been exhausted lately, oversleeping and running out of time to pack my lunch has unfortunately become a common occurrence. This is a total waste of money and something that I know I shouldn’t be doing. I also don’t always get my budget in order early enough for my liking.
    • The solution: Checking every morning to analyze my financials and make sure I’m on the right path plus savings first. Instead of waiting around for the end of the month to put whatever is left over in savings, I am putting towards saving first thing after paying my bills (or tallying up how much our utility bills are that month). I am also trying a new thing where if I am thinking of purchasing a frivolous purchase, such as a handbag, clothes, or other things that are not on my list of needs, then I have to make a matching contribution towards my savings. If I don’t have enough to do both then I won’t buy it. If it is a planned out purchase then I won’t have to do this like new furniture. But walking through the store and something catches my eye? I’m going to need to make a deposit in savings if I want it badly enough.
  • Running out of time for things in the day
    • The problem: I don’t get out of work until semi late, and I certainly can’t expect the Mr to cook dinner every single night simply because he gets home first. If we get home and want to do a workout that pushes our dinner back even later since we can’t have food in the oven while we’re at the gym.
    • The solution: Sunday meal prep. I have been making efforts to meal prep on Sundays for my lunches and sometimes breakfast. This week the Mr and I decided to start doing this for dinners as well. Taking the time to make some healthy food on a Sunday night allows me quick access to healthy food and allows me to save some serious cash on lunch while also allowing us to quickly reheat already made dinner. This week for example we slow roasted a whole chicken. That will provide us with meat for Monday and Tuesday dinners in addition to possibly some for lunch. With everything mapped out, we have to take less time making decisions and cooking during the week and can focus on getting things that we need done.

It may seem like a lot of changes all at once, but I feel really ready to accomplish things and get my life moving in the direction that it needs to go. How are you shaking things up in 2015?

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