Kitchen creation: Easy slow cooker pork

Some days you wake up and just know you won’t want to cook dinner that night. If I’m being honest that’s me many week nights. 

 As a result I’ve become pretty obsessed with my slow cooker. There’s nothing better than getting close to your apartment and smelling your delicious dinner all ready to go. 

A few days ago I had the slow cooker bug and wanted to use up some of the herbs from my garden. The result: roasted pork with white wine and sage.

I started by putting a large pork piece in the slow cooker. Then I added 4 or 5 garlic cloves ( I just finished up what I had left from a bulb), a heavy sprinkling of salt and pepper, sage from the garden and a small bottle of white wine. 

I keep a four pack of small white wine bottles in the house at all times for situations like this. I don’t want to use my good drinking wine to cook and don’t want to waste a big bottle if I don’t have a chance to finish it quickly.

Here’s what it looked like when we left the house in the morning at about 8:30am:


When I arrived home after work at 5:30pm my entire apartment smelled divine. Garlic and wine are a pair for a reason. This is what the end result looked like before we took it out:


After letting the pork rest for about 5 minutes out of the cooker, we went at it with two forks to serve up for dinner. With some of the juices spooned over, this pork was exactly the type of meal you want to come home to. Warm, premade, healthy, and delicious!


We served it with some brown rice in the side and a salad (gotta get my greens). It was just the meal I needed to mix things up. You can only have chicken for dinner so many times in a week before you just get sick of eating. 

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