Kitchen Creation: buttermilk donuts

Nothing starts the weekend off better than a homemade treat. 

This weekend the Mr. and I decided to break out the old donut pan and get to work. After searching high and low, or the Internet as it were, we settled on a buttermilk donut recipe from

The recipe was easy to follow and only required one ingredient that we didn’t have on hand (buttermilk). They didn’t look like much coming out of the oven, but they smelled divine, so we were pumped. 

they are done, they just dont look like it
We glazed half with a lemon glaze, which the Mr seemed to enjoy, and left them to cool. I’ve been trying to cut sugar out of my daily diet, with the exception of a random planned treat here and there, so the glaze seemed a little too sweet for me.

We each he’s grabbed a donut, with black coffee for me, and settled in to watch Wet Hot American Summer: Firat Day of Camp on Netflix. Our weekends may not be filled with adventure these days, we do have a wedding to pay for after all, but it works for us.

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