The One Minute Rule


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Now I know what you’re all thinking. The one minute rule isn’t a thing. The five second rule is (although apparently science has debunked that one). But this tip had nothing to do with dropping food (unless you tend to put off picking that food up and sanitizing the floor).

I mentioned earlier this week that I found a few tips from the Happier podcast to be helpful. One of those tips was easy to start: make the bed everyday. It seemed like a pain at first but it doesn’t take long and it does feel nicer to climb into bed after the bed time alarm goes off if the sheets are evenly spread out and tucked in.

The big change that I made was instituting the one minute rule. It’s actually a small change made repeatedly and it’s a pretty simple device to use to keep your life in order. If you are standing in your house contemplating doing something that would take just one minute, go ahead and do it.

Opening the mail and throwing away the junk mail. Wiping down the counter while you wait for the pot of water to boil. Putting your shoes in their proper spot instead of letting them pile up by the door. Unloading the dishwasher. Folding your clothes right out of the dryer (does anyone else struggle with this one?!). Do them. Stop putting those tasks off and do them immediately.

If I’ve learned one thing about bad habits it’s that they pile up easily. Much like crap in your house or car or on your desk. The one minute rule stops that before it can happen. It seems strange to say that something so small has made such a difference but it really has.

Try it for just one week and see what happens. Just don’t go crazy with it. If you’re one minute turns into 30, then you’re just cleaning.

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