Adventures in Nature: Strawberry Picking

This weekend we were able to take a trip out into the country side to do one of my favorite activities: strawberry picking! We’ve gone a few times before and I can never get over how unbelievably delicious the strawberries are straight off the vine. I’m hoping that we will be growing our own next year but for this year, heading out to the farm will have to do!

Strawberry Fields at Hollin Farms

We packed into the car first thing on Saturday and drove an hour outside of DC to Hollin Farms. It was a somewhat gloomy day, with rain rolling in throughout the afternoon, but it made for great conditions for picking.  We didn’t have to worry about sweating or sunburns and we got a delicious haul!

Check out those babies

We had some straight up and used some for a fun project that I’ll tell you about later this week.

What were you up to on this long weekend?

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