How to get water stain out of a wood table

Every once in a while something happens that makes you feel like a total moron. Not only do you feel dumb, you feel totally alone in your stupidity. Clearly no one else has managed to do this right? I had one of these epic meltdowns recently when I went to move something on our kitchen table and found this:


That dear friends and readers, is a giant water stain. We had placed some flowers in a vase that I purchased from Target and put it on the table for a few days. While that may seem like a totally normal thing to do with a vase, apparently Target sometimes sells vases that shouldn’t actually hold water, as this one just leaked water under the base until the table was actually warped and stained.

To make matters worse, we have such a small place right now that this is our only table. As in when I want to sew? This table. The Mr works from home at this table. We eat dinner together at this table (sometimes..). So clearly this was a high stress situation.

I immediately took to Google to try to find out how I could possibly fix this, or at least mend it slightly. A large number of articles recommended putting mayonnaise on the stain. That sounded easy enough, except for the fact that we don’t keep mayo in the house since neither of us like it all that much. I kept looking until I found a solution that I could try with things I already owned (and planned to purchase some mayo later).

Bob Villa recommended a few different solutions. I was happy to see that the first solution involved a cotton towel and an iron. I own both of those! I took to the table with my warmed iron (Bob recommends low but I put my rather weak iron on medium) and slowly pressed down hoping that the water would evaporate out of the wood. After about 10 minutes here are the results:


Not bad right?! The stain is still slightly raised but the difference is like night and day. The color is almost completely gone and to the naked eye you would never know that there was once a big stain right in the middle of the table.

I was so happy to see that the table wasn’t a complete wash. We are talking about talking about saving for a house right now and the thought of sinking money in to a new table when we don’t know where we’ll be living this time next year was just too sad to contemplate. So if you find yourself in a similar situation (and if so, my sympathies), try the iron trick and don’t be afraid to bump the iron heat up slightly! I used a towel so I think that protected my table as well.

Have a great week everyone!


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The dress that I shouldn’t have tried to make (yet)

Many moons ago I set out to sew a dress. I saw a pattern that I loved, bought some fabric and set out to make a classic dress that I could wear again and again. I believe it was 2012 at the time. Maybe 2013 if I’m being generous. The dress: Cynthia Rowley Simplicity Design pattern 2443.

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.12.32 PM
Adorable, timeless and casual

I cut out the pieces and would occasionally do a little bit of work on the pieces here or there. Then I would set it aside for months at a time, only to return and do one more thing thinking that I would eventually finish this thing.

The problem with that theory is that I needed to actually do things correctly. I am a beginner when it comes to sewing, and this was my first dress I was attempting to make at home that was more than just stretch cotton to sleep in. This dress has pockets (YESSSSSS), a zipper, and a fitted waist band. It also includes horrendously awful instructions. Every step I took was wrong. I would read the instructions, call my mom, read them to her, then pull her up on skype or facetime so we could look at the fabric together and then eventually I would know what to do for the next step. All in all, I probably made this dress 3 times if I did everything right the first time.

This weekend I finally decided that enough was enough and I was going to finish this damn thing. So off I went to make mistakes and redo every step. Finally, late on Sunday night I finished.

The front.
The front.
The back
The back

Since I started making this thing in 2013, its a little tight on me now. With that in mind I won’t be modeling it for you on here in great lighting, but I did take a picture with my phone:

pardon the mess
pardon the mess

There are certainly mistakes, and my version doesn’t look as good as some of the versions online, but I finished and I think I could actually wear this dress in public without people assuming I made it myself. For someone who only makes pajamas normally, this was a big accomplishment for me!

I think with a little more practice (and cardio) this is a pattern that I could return to and do again. That said, this was a difficult project and I’m super proud of myself for finishing! Now on to a few easier projects to boost my confidence and use up some of my fabric stash!

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Full sized peppers!

So I’m trying to move away from just giving constant porch garden updates but I feel like I must today. I finally have a full sized pepper!


It’s the size of my hand! Granted I have small hands but still, this thing is a success.

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How to get things done after work

I need more organization in my life. While the flower project has resulted in me keeping my room clutter-less, the rest of the house is still a mess. I’m happy for the small victories, but I need a better strategy.

There’s just something about the work week that makes it hard to accomplish things. I find myself coming home from work, watching a little tv (ok maybe a little too much), making and eating dinner, cleaning up, showering, getting ready for bed and then my day is over and I’ve accomplished nothing.

Morning Rosetta Stone helps, as it gets something off my to do list right away. Lunch time work outs help too, so I’m making a fresh commitment to that. But how can I find time to be better at home? I started a sewing project this weekend (I’ll share updates later) and all I want to do is finish it after work one night. Yet day after day goes by and I accomplish nada. Here’s a little preview:


I’m going to comb the library (paying for books is for rich folks who have no student loan debt) and find some stuff on how to organize my life and accomplish more. If anyone has any tips and tricks or suggestions for good books or articles on organization please share in the comments. Maybe we can all help each other!

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This week’s flowers

This week’s flowers keeping my bedside table clutter free are quite lovely:


The whole fresh flower trick is really working and allowing me to remain clutter-less. I may need to get some for the coffee table too. That’s a work in progress.

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Porch garden success

So Im happy to report that I’ve battled much of the stress and have been sleeping better. I finally feel like myself again. also, our porch garden continues to grow which makes me so happy:



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A sense of calm

Lately I have felt a little like my life is spinning out of control. I was surrounded by clutter at home, constantly busy at work, and travelled 3 out of 4 weekends in a row. The plane travel and lack of sleep led to me getting sick last week. I thought I had strep but it ends up it is just a viral respiratory problem.

So last week I had a day “off” when I went to the dr and then stayed home. I slept (a lot actually, like hours on end yet still exhausted). Then I decided not to turn my tv on at all in the afternoon and evening when I woke up from one of my numerous naps that day. I threw some homemade soup ingredients in a pot and sat down on the couch to read while it stewed away.

I had seen this ad in a magazine and thought to myself “why not give it a try?”


I could use a weekend makeover and lord knows my life has been hectic and unorganized. One weekend to peace of mind? Sign me up! So with the help
Of amazon, “The Weekend Makeover” by Jill Martin and Dana Ravich made its way onto my Kindle.

Well the book is actually really interesting. Each chapter is about taking your 2.5 days (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday) to make over one aspect of your life. It starts with food and workout and includes everything else that could be complicate in your life (like your clutter or your family traditions).

I can’t say anything in my life was so out of whack that it needed a whole weekend, but I was inspired by how much you could accomplish in such a short time. So this weekend instead of sitting around stressing about the weight I’ve gained (a little more than of prefer), the money I haven’t been able to put in savings this year (all of it) or the stress that I’ve been feeling, I decided to take action.

I ate healthy to nourish my sick body (chapter 1), I slept well (every chapter recommends this), I did a light workout (chapter 2), took a relaxing bath to soothe my poor aching muscle from coughing (chapter 9) and most importantly I cleaned (chapter 8, aka the chapter that saved my sanity). I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. The Mr. even saw me cleaning and jumped in himself. We talked about how the clutter in our tiny home makes me crazy and made a promise to each other to be better about our clutter habit. I no longer wish to be clutter-full. Conveniently, working on your relationship and shared goals is also part of the book (chapter 10).

In an attempt to keep the clutter at bay I have started a new tradition:


To you that may just look like flowers, but to me it is a symbol of commitment to not having clutter on my bedside table (a big accomplishment for me).

I’ve also started doing my Rosetta Stone every morning before work (working in my activities and brain, chapters 4 and 5). I think it’s safe I say that getting sick and reading this book was a good thing for me.

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Porch garden update

After months of growth without production and flowers breaking off left and right, we finally have a few things growing in our garden!

The jalapeños(?) are turning red. I assume this means they are not jalapeños. If anyone has any clue what the hell I’m growing please let me know.


We have a couple red bell peppers that are growing nicely:


And most exciting, we have an eggplant started! We had a few eggplant flowers that bloomed but then kept falling off the tree. Now we actually have one growing which I’m pretty excited about!


Growing a porch garden sometimes feels like a waste of time and more pain than its worth, but when the plants start growing it is so fun to watch the progress! I can’t wait to see them fully grown and on my dinner plate!

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It’s here!!

So look what came back in stock 2 months early!


That’s right! My duvet cover. It was supposed to be on back order until mid May but miraculously showed up at my doorstep yesterday. I was totally surprised and so happy once i opened the package because the Mr and I both love the design.

Once we get a chance to wash it and get all those wrinkles out (and I do some spring cleaning) I’ll show you a better picture. For now I’m just excited to finally have a normal looking bed again.

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