Change for the better

change I found myself half way through last week thinking about the things that I wanted to accomplish and ways that I wanted to feel. I sometimes allow my brain to want too many things at once, which ends up leaving me frazzled and scattered instead of focused and determined. Then when I inevitably sit down on Friday night, too exhausted to actually do anything fun with the Mr, I am disappointed that I didn’t accomplish more. We all need to recognize that we place somewhat ridiculous goals on our to do list. Society tells us that we need to be stronger, prettier, more accomplished. If we aren’t keeping a perfect house while maintaining a size 0 and being relaxed enough to go out and have a good time at a mere mention of fun then we are failures. It’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve decided that I am going to simply do better for myself. I started instituting some changes this weekend and plan to bring more into my life as 2015 continues. It’s not solving the big problems of our day, but it is getting me closer to solving the problems in my days. Here is my sanity plan:

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#30DayDetox Homestretch



Today is Day 22 of the 30 day TV detox around my house, so I thought I would fill you in on how it is going. In a word: semi-successful (ok maybe that should count as 2). The Mr is surprisingly having a much worse time with this than I am, even though I consider myself to be the main tv watcher in our house. After the first few days he admitted that he came home and put the tv on out of habit but then turned it off. He has also been watching documentaries on his computer while I read at night. In fairness, I sort of forced this on him so I’m not angry at him for not sticking totally to plan.

I on the other hand have been doing pretty well. A few weekends ago when the Mr was out of town I allowed myself to watch a show since it was 10pm on a Saturday and I had been good all weekend beyond that. With the exception of some netflixing as a chosen date night activity, I haven’t put regular TV on while I’m home.  I feel like I have gotten more done in these 21 days than I usually do, and my weekends haven’t felt like a total waste. I may not stick with no TV forever, or even past the 30 days, but I am more productive and happier getting things done. Sorry Today Show, your suggestion may have led to our permanent breakup.

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How to get things done after work

I need more organization in my life. While the flower project has resulted in me keeping my room clutter-less, the rest of the house is still a mess. I’m happy for the small victories, but I need a better strategy.

There’s just something about the work week that makes it hard to accomplish things. I find myself coming home from work, watching a little tv (ok maybe a little too much), making and eating dinner, cleaning up, showering, getting ready for bed and then my day is over and I’ve accomplished nothing.

Morning Rosetta Stone helps, as it gets something off my to do list right away. Lunch time work outs help too, so I’m making a fresh commitment to that. But how can I find time to be better at home? I started a sewing project this weekend (I’ll share updates later) and all I want to do is finish it after work one night. Yet day after day goes by and I accomplish nada. Here’s a little preview:


I’m going to comb the library (paying for books is for rich folks who have no student loan debt) and find some stuff on how to organize my life and accomplish more. If anyone has any tips and tricks or suggestions for good books or articles on organization please share in the comments. Maybe we can all help each other!

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