USA v Germany at RFK Stadium

Yesterday the Mr. and I took a trip to RFK stadium to cheer on team USA against Germany in a friendly soccer match. I had never taken the metro to RFK before and wow was it crowded. Here is how it looked as we got to the top of the escalator (with about half of the crowd having already left in front of us):


Crazy right? Well everyone was well behaved, there was no shoving, and we made it safely to the stadium. Unfortunately the weather report called for rain, so we brought umbrellas to the stadium which we were then told was not allowed. So out we went to hide them under a plant, hoping they would be there upon our return.IMG_1681

The game was great. USA actually won which was an unexpectedly awesome turn of events. I’m always reminded what an international city DC is when we go see a team USA soccer match. There are always a ton of fans of the other team and this time was no change. Tons of Germany fans surrounded us, but thankfully everyone was well behaved and there were no fights to be seen.

We ended up with pretty great seats (this was during warms ups before the sold out crowd appeared). The game was so exciting that I forgot to take more pictures during the game. Oh well. It was a great time and the rain managed to steer clear until after we got into the nice comfort of our apartment. Which was good because someone found my umbrella and stole it. Luckily the weekend was good enough that it was only a blip on the radar, but I do take comfort in knowing that karma is a bitch.

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