A Week of Birthdays

Today begins a week of birthdays for me. One of my oldest and best friends has her birthday today, followed by my mom’s birthday later this week. My friend’s birthday always makes me think of the times we spent living 5 houses away growing up and celebrating many years together. Nowadays we live almost a thousand miles away, so sharing a piece of birthday cake is not an option. If it was I would certainly make a cake by Martha like this Dark Chocolate Cake (click on the picture for the recipe). It looks so good I just might make one and celebrate these birthdays myself…

Dark-Chocolate Cake from Martha Stewart
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Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside….

Earlier this week I thought I was going to pass out when I was outside in a short dress for a few hours without water. Today I woke up to 50 degrees on my weather app. While it might be a little sudden, DC and the rest of the northeast have skipped ahead to fall. While that means bundling up a little more, you don’t have to lose some of he greatest parts of summer dressing: bright colors!

Zara is now offering online shopping in the USA, making my heart skip a beat and my wallet go into hiding. While I normally wouldn’t click on a link called “Square Shaped Jumper,” being that I know square shaped is not good for me and I hate jumpers, I’m glad I did. This “jumper” is actually a beautiful blue sweater that seems like a great way to stay warm and cozy this fall-ish weekend. It seems like it has just the right amount of slouchiness. Finding something cute, warm, and game day appropriate (just add some orange and we’re ready to go)? Total catch.

Slouchy Perfection at Zara
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Perfection by Pucci

Perfection by Pucci

So I don’t have a “job” per se at the moment and as a result I’m not doing much shopping lately. I still love a good browsing session, even if only to refine what appeals to me so I can focus what I do make or buy. When I came across this Pucci dress I just wanted it. It’s not a like type deal here. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with this dress. The shoes they paired with the dress? Also love. The only thing missing was a fun bag. Beautiful clothes like this are the greatest inspiration for honing my skills and sending out my resumes (cause hey, a girl wants to buy the freaking Pucci dress at some point!).

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What the?! Wednesday

Welcome to a new feature I like to call “What the?! Wednesday,” where I show you something that made me stop and stare this week. This piece can be fashion, design, an article by someone.. really anything that made me stop and say “what the?!”

This week I figured I would kick things off with the newest infomercial I saw last night. The “Forever Lazy.” That’s right. The actual product is called the “Forever Lazy.” I would love to know who came up with that gem. Well what is the Forever Lazy you ask? It is adult footie pajamas. Without the footie. This is where they lost me. I love footie pajamas. I even bought a pair as a gift for my brother a few years ago. But how can you possibly sell adult footie pajamas without the footie?! THATS THE BEST PART!

The worst part of this product? It comes with socks! I get it that your company name is Forever Lazy but COME ON, sew on the damn socks and give me my footie portion.

Don't be fooled by my pink socks, they're not footies

So if a blanket won’t cut it for you and you don’t mind that your socks aren’t attached to your adult sized pjs then head on over to the Forever Lazy site and order one. Or embrace the spirit of the name and skip out on this round. You’re too lazy to order anyway…

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Virtual Fabric Shopping: Prints

There is nothing like walking into a fabric store and spending some time admiring the beauty. I’m not talking about craft stores here, I’m talking real fashion fabric. If you live near a major city you should have no problem finding a good source: LA – just head downtown or to Mood and NYC – you shouldn’t even have to ask!

This isn’t to say these are the only places with good fabric stores. I constantly see people on blogs I love finding gorgeous fabrics at their local store. But depending on where you live, a good fabric store might not be very close. What to do? Visit my favorite store through the magic of the interwebs. Mood Fabrics is online and wonderful (www.moodfabric.com). While there is a definite advantage of seeing a fabric in person, Mood’s website allows you to browse the fabrics and see what you’d like to see in person. While I have never used the service, I’ve been told you can call and ask for a swatch of certain fabrics to be mailed to you so you can see if the fabric meets your needs before taking the plunge. You can also ask for recommendations based on what you envision for your project and their fabulous employees will help. As I said, I’ve never used these services, I’ve only done in person Mood shopping in NY and LA, but if you see something you like and can’t make the trip you should call.

I have a whole stash of fabric that I need to use before my unemployed butt can order anymore but I do have a Groupon for Mood burning a hole in my virtual pocket. So I set about browsing for inspiration. There are simply too many to do one post but here are a few of my favorite prints (with a quarter to show the scale of the print):

Great for a cute top or dress
I picture a beautiful skirt or dress... might want to see in person
Clearly love this one
No clue what I'd make but I'm drawn to this one
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Create a Colorful Jewelry Holder

The Starting Product

When I went on my organizing kick after moving recently I came across a cute little drawer organizer. I saw it sitting on the Target shelf and it just wanted to come home with me. The only problem is, I realized I had nowhere to put it. I’m not an organize your sock drawer kind of girl (to be honest my sock drawer is like the black hole. I’m continuously amazed I can close the damn thing). I also don’t have a desk with supplies that I need organized either (I keep my sewing and jewelry making tools in their own organizer holders). So what was I going to do? I loved the little pop of bright pink and decided to have an old school staring contest with the thing until I figured out what to do with it. The verdict? I won the staring contest… and I have a new jewelry holder.

I played around with a few ideas of how to execute this one. I originally wanted metal hooks to hang down from the top. Unfortunately those all were screw ins and this is not a wood based project. The substitute? Small metal picture hangers. I figured they were sturdy enough to hold my necklaces and bracelets, and they had holes which I thought would make for easier mounting.

Picture Mounts

Attempt one involved good ole needle and thread. I figured a few loops would hold the hanger in place. Unfortunately the fabric here had no give and was extremely difficult to work with. I underestimated the thickness of the material. Rather than view it as a setback I decided to work with it. Out came the hammer and nails. Amazingly this organizer was sturdy enough to take it and I hammered each into place.

Finished product: A cute jewelry organizer with a pop of color for my walls. I haven’t decided exactly how I am going to mount it on the wall but for now it stands on top of my dresser in all of its glory. I hope to find a few other similar organizers in other colors and do a whole display of them on the wall. For now, this one has to stand alone.

The Finished Product
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Teal Necklace

Sometimes on a dreary night when you just can’t take any more job searching you need to do something creative. My go to? Making jewelry. This is last night’s creation. I would have taken pictures of the process but Project Runway and The Jersey Shore were both on. My little brain just isn’t capable of handling that many things at once. So for now here’s the finished product. It’s a little darker in real life but my camera is on it’s last legs and I can’t let it go just yet.

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Personal Library

Architectural Digest

I, like many others, have converted over to the ebook movement. I received a Kindle as a gift and could not love it more. While I love the accessibility of having any book at my fingertips, there is something about a personal library that is just so classic. I hope libraries aren’t a thing of the past that our kids will never know. If everyone were to have a library like this to come home to, I think paper book sales would be just fine.

I love the details of the ceiling, the gorgeous fireplace, and the classic yet comfortable looking seating area. I also have a strange feeling this place is bigger than my whole apartment.

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The beginning of a beautiful “DIY”

All of a sudden it feels like fall in DC. Yesterday I decided to do a little bargain hunting. My trip led me to Burlington Coat Factory where I browsed the coats hoping to score a good deal on a trench. No trenches were found but I did find a coat with a lot of potential. Meet the new girl.

While this coat may look shapeless on the hanger, it is a really cute shape which magically fits me perfectly despite not being “my size.” She needs a good cleaning and a little love. She’s missing her middle button. It’s sort of the equivalent of a kid with a missing front tooth. The rest is still cute but its sort of funny looking. While I see the value here (all it needs is some new buttons) Burlington decided they didn’t need this one around so it was on super sale.

That’s right. Was $80 but now $25. I got curious. Just how much was I saving by putting my own buttons on?

Originally $480! I saved $455. Now the quest for the perfect buttons begin. I think I will stick with the black but we’ll see. Even if I get beautiful expensive buttons (they do exist) I will still be getting quite a deal on this one. I’ll make sure to show the progress as this coat gets transformed from cast off to headliner. Today’s lessons: always try it on if you like it, and look for the hidden gems. You might get a fantastic deal that only needs a little investment!

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Product Review: Tweezerman

The Only Tweezers You'll Ever Need
The Only Tweezers You'll Ever Need

You may be wondering why a pair of tweezers requires a product review, but go with me on this one. These tweezers will change your life. I prefer to do my own brows, mostly due to hating paying to get them done and the inevitable pink skin that I have to rock for hours after a wax. I’ve bought every cheap pair of tweezers out there and finally gave in to getting a more expensive pair. While $20 may seem excessive, these tweezers are worth it in ways I can’t describe. They are so sharp that they grab even the tiniest of hairs that slip through the other brands with ease. The best part? If you feel they aren’t sharp enough you just send them to Tweezerman and they will sharpen them for you. For life. Available at Sephora.

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