Happy Labor Day Weekend

Dreamland Beach in Bali

I’m attending a wedding this weekend. This will be my second Labor Day weekend wedding in a row and promises to be another beautiful occasion. While I won’t be at the beach this weekend, many will and this would be my choice. I would imagine it’s pretty awesome to live in that place with the red roof… For those of us who can’t go to Bali well… ever.. now is the time to spend with friends, grill, and savor the final moments of summer. I hope everyone’s long weekend is filled with amazing food, scenery, and friends.

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It seems like Chevron is everywhere you turn these days. I love the clean simplicity of a chevron design. It’s a classic but still manages to look completely modern when done correctly. While cruising for a touch of chevron to add to my new place I noticed quite a few chevron rugs are black and white.

Available at Overstock $383.99

While this is a great looking rug, it’s a little out of my price range and doesn’t match the colors I currently use in my room. While trying to find a lighter option I came across this great tutorial on making a hand painted chevron rug. The colors are perfect and I love the ability to make a rug of the size you choose.

From the House of Smiths

This is high on my list of upcoming projects. For those who don’t want or need a new rug but still want a touch of chevron, here are a few options for clothing and accessories, some bolder than others. I want that yellow pillow.


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Create a Tshirt

Splendid Tank
available at ShopBop

Splendid has a cute top available on Shopbop right now. While wandering through Mood in NYC I found almost identical fabric. So instead of paying $52 for a tanktop, I bought $10 worth of fabric and made a Tshirt. It’s a little wrinkled but you get the gist.

For those who are making their first shirt, putting the sleeves in can be a little tricky so work slowly. I recommend using a pattern for your first few projects and for basics that don’t require much innovation. I used one from New Look for this shirt. It is my current go to tshirt pattern.

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Style Lessons of the VMAs

Black Lace

Last night while watching the VMAs there were a few things that truly stood out to me. Adele is clearly the most talented person around these days, Jessie J has a surprisingly amazing voice considering how little she uses it on her biggest US hit, and black lace is still in. While the first two are self explanatory, I couldn’t help noticing that those who didn’t dress up in non-clothes appeared to be sticking with the LBD staple (or in Selena Gomez’s case, the Mullet-LBD). Using their more risque pieces as inspiration (because no one can get away with something as short as Britney’s dress), I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite black lace pieces. I would be happy to invite any of these to move into my closet. It’s a pretty friendly place.

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Smile Through the Rain

Light Saber Umbrella

As Irene prepares to bring the rains to the northeast I felt the need to browse for fun umbrellas. Being Florida grown I’ve always had a few umbrellas to choose from and usually buy in bright colors to provide some cheer on an otherwise gloomy rainy afternoon. Well, this one goes a step further. Meet the Blade Runner Style Umbrella. I can’t see any way of carrying this thing and not at least having a smile on my face. While a trip home has led to me missing the earthquake and hurricane in the northeast, I might have to get one of these for future use.

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Craving Space

Source: www.bhg.com
Storage Solutions for Bathrooms Slide Show.

I recently moved into a new place. If you’ve ever done the same then you understand my current need for organization and space. While browsing for storage ideas I came across this amazing idea on Better Homes and Gardens (bhg.com). Can you say brilliant?! When I eventually design my own place (or remodel someone else’s design) this will be making an appearance!

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