How to get things done after work

I need more organization in my life. While the flower project has resulted in me keeping my room clutter-less, the rest of the house is still a mess. I’m happy for the small victories, but I need a better strategy.

There’s just something about the work week that makes it hard to accomplish things. I find myself coming home from work, watching a little tv (ok maybe a little too much), making and eating dinner, cleaning up, showering, getting ready for bed and then my day is over and I’ve accomplished nothing.

Morning Rosetta Stone helps, as it gets something off my to do list right away. Lunch time work outs help too, so I’m making a fresh commitment to that. But how can I find time to be better at home? I started a sewing project this weekend (I’ll share updates later) and all I want to do is finish it after work one night. Yet day after day goes by and I accomplish nada. Here’s a little preview:


I’m going to comb the library (paying for books is for rich folks who have no student loan debt) and find some stuff on how to organize my life and accomplish more. If anyone has any tips and tricks or suggestions for good books or articles on organization please share in the comments. Maybe we can all help each other!

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