Summer Lovin

We’ve finally reached the point of the year where I am happiest. It is super hot out most days, the farmer’s market is in full bloom, and a breeze on an afternoon walk feels like heaven. Others may tell you that they find it unbearable, but this weather is my jam.

This year the Mr and I decided to try out a few different plants on our porch garden. The main newbie being kale. It got a late start (just a couple of weeks ago) but I think it’s coming in nicely:


my little forrest...
my little forrest…

I think I need to spend a little time this weekend figuring out what exactly to do to make it grow in the correct manner, but so far the kale is LOVING our levels of sunshine. There’s something so nice about seeing something green grow based on your own efforts.  If anyone has any tips, share them below!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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Porch garden update

After months of growth without production and flowers breaking off left and right, we finally have a few things growing in our garden!

The jalapeños(?) are turning red. I assume this means they are not jalapeños. If anyone has any clue what the hell I’m growing please let me know.


We have a couple red bell peppers that are growing nicely:


And most exciting, we have an eggplant started! We had a few eggplant flowers that bloomed but then kept falling off the tree. Now we actually have one growing which I’m pretty excited about!


Growing a porch garden sometimes feels like a waste of time and more pain than its worth, but when the plants start growing it is so fun to watch the progress! I can’t wait to see them fully grown and on my dinner plate!

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Growing a Porch Garden: The 2013 Edition

So last year I had my first porch garden. It was somewhat successful, but I was a little disappointed in some of the plants (I’m looking at you cucumber). This year I wasn’t sure I would even have the chance to try again, as our porch doesn’t get the best sunlight. My mom came to visit for my birthday and said she thought it was worth a try based on the early sunlight that we get. As the saying goes, Mom does always know best.

Here’s what we started with a few weeks ago:


From left to right all purchased from an organic vendor at the farmer’s market: Red pepper, cilantro, rosemary, thyme and basil


A pre-started tomato plant (I learned my lesson last year. They take too long for my patience level when grown on a balcony from little baby sized)


A tomato plant I got from the farmer’s market. They said it was a good variety for patio growing… we shall see…

DSC_0573Left to right: eggplant (small ones), two types of cucumbers, and a yellow bell pepper plant all from the store.

It’s been a little under 3 weeks and here is where we were yesterday:


Tomato is growing nicely… and extreme closeup:


We have our first tomato! We’ll see how this goes but it looks like it could be a big one.


The market tomato plant is growing well. The stalk looks really thick and healthy and if you look in the center you can see our first flower (and hopefully future tomato).


The herbs and red pepper are all doing well. The basil looks a little weak right now, but thats just because this was post pruning. I learned all about pruning basil for maximum growth last year, so let’s hope this year works just as well. The cilantro is growing like crazy and the Mr took some to put in his salsa yesterday. I think those are firmly on their way to flavoring many a summer meal.DSC_0576

The vegetables are doing well as well. the cucumber is really sprouting up faster than last year. The eggplant is growing as well and the yellow pepper has grown slightly. Not as much as the others so I’m thinking we may need to move this planter box a little to get it more sunlight. the leaves look very healthy though so I think it’s doing ok.
So this year’s garden is off to a good start, and it just goes to show you that even if you don’t get full sun on your apartment porch you can still grow something! Hopefully I’ll have lots of updates throughout the next few months with more growing success.
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