Outdoor Adventures: Great Falls Virginia


Fall isn’t even officially here yet, but we have been getting a lot of fall like weather here. Call me suspicious, but I am afraid that this cold summer will also mean a cold winter. With that in mind, I am determined to enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible before the months of hibernation begin.

This weekend I went to Great Falls in Virginia. Just 20 or so minutes outside of DC, the Great Falls area has a few trails that you can hike as well as a big park ground and some amazing views. My friend and I decided to go the hiking route, so we parked about 4 miles from the most important part and started hiking.

Nature's bridge
Nature’s bridge

The walk was beautiful, but my friend who had been there before thought that it didn’t look too familiar. At that point we decided to take out the iPhone and drop a pin. Unfotunately, we discovered that we were going the wrong way on our first try. After going about a mile in the wrong direction we turned around and came back.

Then we actually set out to the falls.



The views on the walk are pretty spectacular, and you can even catch some adventurous people in the water. But those views are nothing like the payoff at the end:


Check that out for a minute.




It was truly breathtaking. Totally worth the effort of getting there. Of course that means we had to do the full 4 miles back, which was somewhat exhausting. We did have a few buddies to keep us company on the walk back to the car:


Friendliest deer ever. Didn’t even care we were there. Totally worth the effort and now permanently on my list of places to visit and visit often. When that beauty is only 20 minutes away, there is really no excuse.


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