Perfect Party Dessert: Mini Apple Pies

Last night the Mr. and I had friends over for the Superbowl. This was the first time we had a large group at our house, so I was pretty excited. I spent most of the day cooking and cleaning in preparation and wanted to try something new for dessert. Enter mini apple pies.

My mom had purchased a dough press set for me which she randomly saw at a Ross. Such a fun random little surprise. I hadn’t had a chance to use it yet and dessert for friends at a party seemed like a great excuse. I used this recipe for dough (I didn’t want to use shortening and that recipe is all butter), and this recipe for the filling. It was pretty delicious (even if my crust didn’t get dark brown). It was still crispy and that’s what matters.


Start with the apples and butter



Add the brown sugar, corn starch, cinnamon, and salt.


Once it starts to thicken it’s a great point to steal a bite or two. Not that I did that…



Roll out your dough. Check out those butter pockets…

Cut out your circles. The dough press has a handy cutter on the back.DSC_0492Now they’re ready to get to use.

Place the dough in the press and fill with filling. DSC_0495

Thanks to the press you have perfect little pie shapesDSC_0496

After the great Superbowl blackout of 2013, I placed them all on a pan and roasted them at 400.DSC_0497

The little pies got crusty but not overly brown. Everyone claimed to like them, so either they were actually good or I have nice friends. Maybe both.DSC_0498

It ended up being a fun way to serve dessert and a great distraction from the horrible commercials. Seriously, everyone wasted their money on those. Maybe if CBS hadn’t insisted on taking half of the commercials to advertise their shows there would have been a chance for a few good commercials to air. Oh well. At least the food was good.


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